About King George VI Centre


Incorporating Amandla Independent Living Village

Contact Details

Physical Address:  P O Box AC80, Ascot, Bulawayo

Phone: 263 09 230434/5 or 263 09 255323

Emails: ilhussey@gmail.com  ihussey@kg6.co.zw and kg6@ecoweb.co.zw


The King George VI complex is situated in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The King George VI Centre provides boarding and rehabilitation to children from the age of 3 to 18 years with physical disabilities and hearing impairments. The Centre works in conjunction with the King George VI Memorial School which is the only junior school in Matabeleland and the only secondary school in the whole country which caters for physically disabled students.  Attached to the school are several nursery and pre school classes also for physically disabled children.


To provide physically disabled children with access to the highest possible standard of education. In addition to provide effective holistic rehabilitative therapy to the children in order to equip them to face the future with ability, confidence, and independence of mind, body and spirit.



  1. To provide rehabilitation to children with physical disabilities from all over Zimbabwe
  2. To provide accommodation (in Independent Living Units) to the children so that they can attend the KGVI school from nursery to secondary level.
  3. To train students in Independent Living so that when they leave the Centre they are as independent as their disabilities will allow.
  4. To build the abilities and confidence of the students so that they can take their rightful places within their families and in society in general.
  5. To find the strengths and skill of each child and to help them develop these.
  6. To provide counselling and emotional support to those children in difficult home situations i.e. orphans, one-parent families, parents with ill health
  7. To assist school leavers to either find jobs, or to continue their education or to find some useful activity in their homes.